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Khorramshahr Geographical location

Khoramshahr in the ancient time was called "Piyan" that was later changed to "Bayan"; and after the migration of Arabs to Khuzestan it took the name of Mohammareh, for it was a place where red rice was cultivated there. It has a strategic position because of the excellent water connection it offers the region. The Karoon River joins Arvand at this city and connects the region to the international waterways through Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Khorramshahr is a port city in Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran. It is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) north of Abadan. . The minimum annual temperature is 2 degrees centigrade and the maximum annual temperature is 49 degrees centigrade. The average rate of rainfall in Khorramshahr is about 120mm during the year.


Khorramshahr Coordinates are: 30°26′N 48°11′E / 30.433, 48.183

Khorramshahr Port Benefits:

Port of Khorramshahr Special Economic Zone (P.K.S.E.Z) is located on the south-west end of Khuzestan plain, with geographical position longitude 48-9E, latitude 30-26N on the confluence of Karoon and Arvand rivers. Abadan Island is located 15km away from Khorramshahr and is connected by bridge. The distance between Khorramshahr and Ahwaz through Karoon is 168km and the distance between Khorramshahr and Basra through road is 40km.

Khorramshahr Port Special Economic Zone enjoys a situation business substructure. The first advantage of this economic zone is that it is located near the fresh waters of Karoon and Arvand River, enjoying an international situation from the viewpoint of tourism as well as economics. In the summer, Khorramshahr has a lower humidity percentage than the other southern ports of the country





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