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About us ( Roobian Tehran office ):


 There are few other words in the English language that conjure up, such clear in the mind for tug boats. Everybody who is related with marine knows the important and heroic role of the tugboats. One of the main roles of Roobian Company is to raise the potential behavior of PMO (Port and Maritime Organization) facilities in this field.

Roobian Company is the main contractor in charge of operation and Tugboat services of Bandar Imam Khomeini (BIK), Khoramshahr ports including the organized and equipped workshops for marine maintenance and accessories. The safe passage of all ships and their proper related activities are also worthy of mentioning.

In this regard, Roobian Tehran office has been established in order to do all the procurement services needed by the branches. Roobian Tehran office using a very complicated data base system, defines the sources of the purchase orders local and foreign resources, supply them accurately and send them to the requested branch.

The Tug boat services are rendered by experienced Tug masters and their crew in a very advanced and well equipped fleet of powerful Tugboats and Supply boats. Installation and commissioning of sophisticated communication systems and safety equipment provide the best performance in requested services.

One of the other field of activities in Roobian's scope is marine dredging using the suction dredgers and split barges and the other one is the Salvage operations running under the International Tug and Salvage Convention rules and standards. Search and Rescue (SAR) Operation in Bandar Abbas (Shahid Rajaee) port, is also the other field of activity by using fast & powerful SAR boats

 Due to this fact that the manpower in one of the most important and strategic factors affecting the qualitative promotion and development, with the expansion of the company's functions and  activities, made a lot of remarkable attempts and paid special attention to equipping the company in terms of well-trained and educated personnel.





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